BTRC On Air: June 2021 Records of the Month


Lightning 100 is excited to present Blind Tiger Record Club On Air every other Monday following the615. Starting at 8 pm, you will hear B.T.R.C. founder, David W. Williams, and Product Manager, Rudy Newman, discuss albums released on vinyl each month. B.T.R.C. champions music from all genres and believes vinyl is king. It’s a great way to be in-the-know about new releases. Check out their records of the month, spotlight albums, new store additions, and more at

On this episode of the Blind Tiger Record Club On Air, David W. Williams and Rudy Newman discuss the B.T.R.C. May Records of the Month. There are four styles each month; Singer Songwriter, Rock & Alternative, Jazz Soul & Blues, and Classics. One album from each style is discussed and clips of songs from the album are played.

Singer Songwriter – Taylor Swift Evermore

Deluxe Edition Green Vinyl

Rock & Alternative  Weezer | Van Weezer

Neon Magenta Vinyl

Jazz Soul & Blues – Mocheeba | Blackest Blue

Limited Edition Blue Vinyl

Classics – The Who | Who’s Next

180G Vinyl

If you missed tonight’s episode, don’t worry! You can listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts. To sign up for the record club and receive vinyl shipped to your door each month, click here.

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