Daniel Donato – “Justice”: DJ Pick of the Week


Cosmic Country phenomenon Daniel Donato is only just getting started! He is a guitar-shredding, powerhouse performer ready to take the world on by storm. Donato’s 2020 album A Young Man’s Country explores his growth as an artist, while also giving insight into who inspires him. “Justice,” the first track off the album, is a perfect representation of his journey to becoming a star. “Justice” is Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Growing up, Daniel fell in love with music and playing guitar by playing the video game Guitar Hero. He developed a love and passion for playing and vowed to become one of the greatest guitar players. Drawing on inspiration from John Prine, the Grateful Dead, and Merle Haggard, he started out playing for tips on lower Broadway. There, he started playing with the Don Kelley Band nightly. His show experiences expanded his musical knowledge, as well as opened the door for him as a developing artist.

The center of A Young Man’s Country is the idea of forging one’s own path. Each song has an exploratory and upbeat feel, making up what Daniel calls “Cosmic Country.” It’s genius, and

Daniel Donato has his eyes wide open and is marching forward, ready to take on whatever is next. Luckily for us, he is headlining Brooklyn Bowl on Friday, August 27th with his Cosmic Country crew. Special guests include Cordovas and The Cowpokes. Tickets are available now! To see a glimpse of what a Daniel Donato performance looks like, watch his sing “Justice” below!

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