Daniel Donato – “Why You Been Gone So Long”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Nashville native Daniel Donato puts all his knowledge and talent into his latest release, “Why You Been Gone So Long.” Donato has become a hit on our airwaves and has been featured as this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert!

Donato’s love for music came to him in his teenage years and has since spent his time honing his craft. When he first realized that he wanted to pursue music more seriously, he started busking in downtown Nashville. With hard work and determination, he was finally able to start playing with a local band. He got the hands-on experience needed to succeed in the music business.

One of Donato’s biggest inspirations in music is Grateful Dead, and it’s seen not only in his music, but in his attitude as well. Their inspiration can be seen in his Cosmic Country motto. Donato spoke with Grateful Web and explained that it just comes naturally to him.

The generation we are in now, everyone who is coming up now tips the hat to their heroes. It felt very natural to do that because these are songs that I’ve already been playing for a decade-plus.

Daniel Donato, Grateful Web

“Why You Been Gone So Long” lets listeners into Donato’s country background. It’s not the typical Nashville country music you usually hear, though. It’s this perfect mix of Americana and older, more soulful country music.

With live music coming back at full speed, listeners have the chance to see Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country experience live! Donato’s next show will be at AMERICANAFEST 2021 on September 23.  Until then, check out the video below for a special acoustic version of “Why You Been Gone So Long.”

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