Dijon – “Many Times”: DJ Pick of the Week


On the rise artist Dijon announces the release of his debut album Absolutely with his latest single, “Many Times.” The single showcases the artist’s raw artistic abilities and is one that listeners should keep an eye on. “Many Times” is a single you won’t want to miss, which is why it’s Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the week.

The LA-based singer-songwriter uses his music to focus on the past. He retells his experiences through life with honest, hard-hitting lyrics, which can be seen in “Many Times.” For instance, his songwriting capabilities are on display with words like “I don’t want to go again / I’ve been here a thousand times / One thousand and one won’t be so bad.”

Dijon tells a story of how hard it is to leave someone that’s hurt you time and time again. It’s a feeling he finds intriguing, something he touched on with Document.

It’s just very natural for me to write about what I think is interesting, and mostly, human brains are interesting. The capacity to feel and to hurt and to hurt other people, emotionally, is very interesting to me.

Dijon, Document

While his lyrics are genius, his genre-bending songs are something we don’t see from most artists. “Many Times” has a sound almost reminiscent of The 1975, but it would be unfair to contain it to just one category. Dijon takes inspiration from all genres, focusing on indie-pop, folk, and R&B. With the ability to form a new sound with every song, Absolutely will be an album that everyone can find a home in.

Finally, fans can enjoy Dijon’s sound in the form of his debut album Absolutely, out November 5. Until then, you can check out the immensely creative video for “Many Times” below:

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