EG Vines – “The Royal Diplomat”: Local Artist of the Week


This past month, Eric “EG” Vines released the first glimpse of his upcoming album, Through the Mirror. “The Royal Diplomat” is a head-banging single with alt-rock influences from Vine’s childhood favorites, Green Day and Radiohead. Vines says the band was channeling Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins after blacking out and magically recording their newest single.

Vines began his storytelling career after escaping the stifling corporate world in 2019. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Jason Isbell, the product of his new creative freedom was his debut album Family Business. In search of depth and profound meaning, Vines never hesitates to discuss or criticize societal issues. He confronted mass consumerism and quick fixes to deeper issues in his song “The Salesman.” In his rock single “Them,” Vines touched on the overwhelming, emotional atmosphere from American’s political division. His talent for song-writing and meaningful lyricism have been recognized by NPR, Billboard and Rolling Stone.

The folk rock singer shared what we can anticipate from his upcoming album in a recent press release. “It’s open-ended enough to where people can take different things from it. It’s definitely a reaction to our uber-politicized world and social media,” Vines stated. After releasing music grasping the core of what it is to live in modern America, Vines will continue making new waves with Through the Mirror. To listen to “The Royal Diplomat”, see below or tune in to Lightning 100.