Erin Rae – “Modern Woman”: DJ Pick of the Week


We’re keeping it local this week at Lightning 100 as we spotlight Erin Rae and her latest single, “Modern Woman.” The Nashville singer-songwriter gives fans a look into her upcoming album to be released early next year. “Modern Woman” is an empowering indie-folk song that has been chosen as this week’s DJ Pick from Stephanie!

While growing up in the South in the 90’s, Rae witnessed many accounts of prejudice and injustice. Because of these experiences, she has made a name for herself as a feminist country singer. She has noted the hardships she has faced and turned it into something beautiful. “Modern Woman” is a perfect example of this with its hard-hitting lyrics about the image of women in our society.

“Round up the old perceptions / Lay them on down / They’re only tellin’ stories and they’re gettin’ in the way right now / Cause you can’t see the future / And can’t change the past / Come see a modern woman”. In other words, these lyrics tell the story of how women have been looked down on throughout history. Just as Rae sings, you can’t change what happened before, but you can focus on the strong and powerful women we have today.

Rae brings it all together in the music video for “Modern Woman.” During the song, the video showcases the women that make Nashville what it is today. The audience can really reflect on the lyrics with real life examples of who we need to appreciate. Also, there’s even a cameo from Grammy Award-winning musician Brittany Howard, who’s no stranger to our airwaves. Check out the music video below:

Finally, fans can hear Rae’s other masterpieces on her newest album Lighten Up. The album is out February 4th, 2022 and is sure to be something wonderful if it’s anything like “Modern Woman.”

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