Flying Buffaloes – “A New Day Is Gonna Dawn”: Local Artist of the Week


Nashville’s Flying Buffaloes are an alternative country rock band that recently put out, “A New Day is Gonna Dawn”. Members Johan Stone, Barry Stone, Tommy Leland, Brandon Cantwell and Danny Pratt came together in 2017. Since then, the 5 have toured with artists like Drivin N Cryin and Wade Bowen.

Flying Buffaloes’ 2019 album, Loaded and Rollin’, was produced by Grammy-winner Jeremy Ferguson. In a press release, the band touched on their last album which explored “the isolation and depression associated with immigration, the ups and downs of love, and the essence of what it means to be a working Nashville band”. In their latest song, Flying Buffaloes continue to use their platform to voice both relevant and meaningful lyrics.

“A New Day Is Gonna Dawn” is an upbeat, empowering tune of hope. The music video opens with news coverage of the political unrest and the pandemic which has shaken the world. Following this scene, a young woman finds an old camera and film roll. It shows the violence of the 20th century, when war and racism were rampant. However, the history of perseverance, victory of WWII and the civil rights movement were the dawn of a new day.

Listeners can feel the emotion and excitement as the song slowly builds in intensity and energy. Following this is the steady ease up to the epic guitar solo and then the climax of the song. The background footage shows people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, which has become a symbol of hope for humanity. “Don’t it feel like a new day is gonna dawn,” sings the chorus. “A New Day Is Gonna Dawn” is a reminder to hold on to hope. If the world can overcome such a past, we can get through these difficult times and look forward to a new dawn.