Foo Fighters – “Making A Fire”: DJ Pick of the Week


This year fans celebrated the release of Foo Fighters’ highly anticipated Medicine at Midnight. In 2018, Foo Fighters announced they would be taking a break. Almost 4 years after Concrete and Gold, the band was eager to get back into the studio. The hardships of 2020 pushed the release back until early this year, but fans admit it was well worth the wait.

“Making A Fire” is the first song written for Medicine at Midnight. “We felt like that was the perfect place to start. The groove in that song, it’s almost like a DJ sort of breakbeat. We had touched on something we hadn’t necessarily done before,” says Grohl.

The upbeat pop track starts with the gospel-like vocals that carry on throughout the song. Along with the harmonies in the background, Taylor Hawkins beats his drums true to Foo Fighters’ fashion. All tied together with the consistent upbeat riff from Chris Shiflett, this track is the best introduction to their new project. This Bowie-inspired album features vocals from frontman Dave Grohl’s daughter, Violet. This addition was very exciting for longtime fans of Dave Grohl who can attest to Violet’s growth as a performer. After this song was recorded, the band knew they were about to embark on a whole new sound for Foo Fighters.

Make sure you check out “Making a Fire” below.

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