Fruit Bats – Holy Rose: DJ Pick of the Week

Fruit Bats Band Photo

Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Fruit Bats for their song, “Holy Rose”. The group has many members that have come and gone, but the featured singer/songwriter is Eric D. Johnson, who has also played in The Shins, and composed film scores. Fruit Bats formed in Chicago, Illinois back in 1997. Since their formation, the indie folk-rock band has released 9 albums and many fantastic singles. 

On March 5, Fruit Bats are releasing their ninth album, titled The Pet Parade. Johnson says the album celebrates “the beauty and absurdity of existence.” Like many other albums created in 2020, the majority of the songs on this album were recorded remotely from home studios with the musicians being miles away from each other. The goal was to make the album sound as intimate as possible despite the members being so far apart. 

“Holy Rose” is the first single on the album that we are spotlighting today. Johnson says it is “possibly the most ‘direct’” song on the The Pet Parade. The song was inspired by the 2017 Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County, which is where his wife grew up. He considers it a love song to the native West Coasters. “Holy Rose” is full of warm vocals, electric guitars and beautiful melodies. Check it out below!

” You looked at the smoke

It was like you’d seen the ghosts of everyone you’ve ever known

hovering over the hills

You’re still from the west coast

It’s the only home you’ve ever known

Holy Rose of California”

Lyrics from “Holy Rose” by Fruit Bats

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