Fulton Lee — Follow The Leader: Local Artist of the Week


“Follow The Leader” is the latest single by previous battle of the bands winner, Fulton Lee. The retro pop track was produced, mixed and mastered by August Pappas and Jacob Schweinsberg. The two had actually released the track as an instrumental piece on their side project titled “The Sugalumps” in 2020. Fulton loved the sound of the instrumental so much that he decided to create a melody that would blend well with it. 

“I almost wanted to tell a surrealist children’s story with this song,” says Fulton. “I wanted to capture my journey in a dream-like way, because that’s how it felt. Following the leader represents humbling yourself to something greater than you. There’s freedom in that.” The bright song has a feel-good indie feel to it, with vocals inspired by Vulfpeck and Lake Street Dive. You can hear the passion in Fulton’s voice as he sings about finding freedom in unlikely places. 

“Ooo you got lots of soul, you’ll be Hollywood gold someday yeah

But I got to tell you baby 

You better go your own way” 

Lyrics from “Follow The Leader” by Fulton Lee

Fulton regularly posts covers, live performances, and song breakdowns on his social media accounts. He also shares behind the scenes content for a community of fans on Patreon. Be sure to keep up with the Nashville pop/soul artist’s upcoming music and unique content! 

We’ll be playing “Follow The Leader” throughout the week as we feature Fulton Lee as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at lightning100.com