H.A.R.D. – Head’s a Wreck: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week is H.A.R.D.’s recent release, “Head’s a Wreck”. After the breakup of their former band Light Beam Rider, Thomas Sweat and Daniel Sowards founded H.A.R.D. with the hopes of creating rowdier music and delivering high energy performances. Drummer Cody Balashack and bassist Brady Gomillion are the other two members that make up the four-piece indie punk band based out of East Nashville. H.A.R.D. loves releasing high energy tracks that represent having a great time with friends. This makes their acronym, “Have A Rad Day”, very fitting. They believe that life is about trying to have as many “rad” moments as possible, so they try to create that feeling for their listeners through their music.  

On December 25th last year the band decided to gift the world with a new single, “Head’s a Wreck”. The song features another local Nashville artist Young Summer, who has been pursuing music since 2014. The upbeat track features harmonizing guitars and extremely catchy melodies. The lyrics of “Head’s a Wreck” are about waking up on Saturday morning with a bad hangover, remembering moments from the night before and ultimately regretting them. Check out the fun, high energy song below! 

“I don’t regret much more than skin deep

My heart’s so cold, I got chattering teeth

I made some mistakes, every day that I hate

Wish I could blow out that piece of my brain in my head”

Lyrics from “Head’s a Wreck” by H.A.R.D.

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