Holiday Hops 2021 Day 3: Komes – Raspberry Porter


We’re already half way through week one of Holiday Hops, and we’re jumping across the pond again for today’s seasonal brew. DJ Jayson and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff kick off day three with Polish brewery Komes’ Raspberry Porter.

This is the first Polish beer for Holiday Hops, taking us across the map for the best winter brews. The Raspberry Porter is a big beer that comes in at 8.5% alcohol. Along with its raspberry flavor, it also has complex notes of sweet vanilla and a kick of chili peppers. This beer is best had after dinner as a dessert, spent around the fire pit with friends reminiscing on holiday memories.

At first taste, it’s a pretty sweet beer. The notes of vanilla aren’t overpowering and you get a hint of spice to pair well with the raspberry. Because of its complexity, Matt recommends to get a couple of these, trying one and letting the other sit in the fridge for about a year to see what happens. When doing this, you let those flavors develop and change over time, giving you a whole new note of flavors.

Komes’ Raspberry Porter comes in large 16.9 oz glass bottles, making it the perfect beer to share. Before trying, make sure you let it sit out for about 15-20 minutes to let the flavors come out fully. You’ll also want to pour it into a nice glass too, that way the flavors can open up and develop as you drink it. This is one you’ll find at one of your finer beer retailers around town.

Get the full scoop in the episode linked below. After you’re done, catch up on all things brews at thanks to Rhizome Productions and Lipman Brothers!

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