Hoptober 2021 Day 8: Chimay – Cent Cinquante


Happy Wednesday everyone! On today’s episode of Hoptober, DJ Jason and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff try a Belgian blonde that has some unique characteristics. The brew is called Cent Cinquante, which translates to “150 years,” and it is made by Belgian brewer Chimay. Chimay has been around for over a century (founded in 1862, to be precise) and the beer actually is made by Trappist monks!

Leff and Jason note that although Cent Cinquante has 10% ABV, you’d never know it based on taking a sip. They describe it as “oddly refreshing” with a lingering sweetness from the alcohol. Leff attributes the quality of Cent Cinquante to its sophisticated, balanced brewing process. According to Leff, there’s a lot of tradition and history wrapped up in the way Chimay makes their brews, which Leff likens to German breweries. The key difference is that in Belgium, breweries do not face the restrictions regarding flavors and methods that German breweries must adhere to.   

Belgian blondes typically vary in their ABV, but the flavor profile usually includes notes of dried fruits and spices. Cent Cinquante comes in 11.2 oz glass bottles as well as 750 ml bottles. It is more limited in terms of the time of year you’re going to find it, but it’s thankfully available now. Cent Cinquante was only recently brought back into the Untied States market, so enjoy it while it’s available at a local speciality store!

Many thanks to our Hoptober sponsors Rhizome Productions & Lipman Brothers. Keep an eye out for Cent Cinquante around Nashville. Looking for more suggestions? Tune in to Lightning 100 at 100.1FM tomorrow at 6:30 am (or for the replay at 6:30 pm) for Thursday’s episode of Hoptober!