Joan Armatrading – “Already There”: DJ Pick of the Week


DJ Rev‘s pick of the week “Already There” by Joan Armatrading is the first released song off her newest album. Armatrading has delivered timeless tracks for almost 50 years since her career began in 1972. Listening to “Already There” is like traveling back in time, where some of the most iconic, well-remembered ballads originated. Fans of 80s pop will easily fall in love with her new album Consequences.

The beautiful narrative in the lyrics tells the story of two lovers. The story describes one partner that is “Already There” and waiting for the other to develop the same passion and love. In the music video, two contemporary dancers interpret the emotional ballad. Seated in front of the dancers, Armatrading serenades the listeners. Director David Lopez-Edwards explains his concept:

“Joan is a great story teller through her music, and when I first heard the track I had this image of her sat in an old armchair telling the beautiful love story that is ‘Already There’.”

With her distinctive voice, the Kittitian-English songwriter has produced folk, jazz, reggae, blues, rock and soul music. Her wealth of industry knowledge and insight has earned her 7 honorary degrees and 3 Grammy nominations. In addition, both BASCA and BBC Radio has awarded her for her lifetime contribution to music. Almost 50 years after debuting, Armatrading continues to create and showcase the same passion and fervor. Watch the music video for “Already There” below:

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