Jungle —”Talk About It”: DJ Pick of the Week

Photo by Charlie Di Placido

British pop duo Jungle returned this month with their new single “Talk About It.” This song is dynamic, perfect for the summer, and definitely a part of the disco revival that’s happening in music right now. It maintains the layered, gospel-influenced vocals that the band is known for, but adds on a racing beat and groovy guitars. “Talk About It” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

“Talk About It” is a love song about pining for the happiness that comes from being with someone. It discusses the feeling of trying to convince a hesitant lover to overcome their doubts. 

“What I gotta do?

To start something new

What I gotta do?

To start living in the sunshine every day”

Despite the conflicted lyrics, the song is upbeat and dance-worthy. Jungle seem to know this, as their music videos are full of impressive, complex choreography. For “Talk About It,” the characters go from a group therapy session in a gymnasium to a break-out dance mob. Interestingly, the band keeps the same cast of characters in every one of their music videos, so Jungle fans are sure to recognize some similar faces. Check it out below. 

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