LAYNE – Dumb Girl: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


On February 12th LAYNE released a new single called “Dumb Girl” via ONErpm and we can’t stop listening! Layne Putnam is an artist, producer and musician who moved from the Black Hills to Los Angeles. Music has always played a huge role in Putnam’s life. As a child she would sing original songs onto cassette tapes using her father’s tape recorder. He father, Kenny Putnam, is also a musician who played the fiddle in the Red Willow Band and used to tour with Roy Clark. 

Putnam’s musical background helped her develop into an incredible artist. She plays electric guitar, sings, and produces all of her music. “Dumb Girl” is an alternative pop track about reflecting on toxic relationships. The song is full of catchy melodies, and stunning vocals. Check it out below!

“Cause when I think about it now 

All the voices in my head 

Were telling me to get out”

Lyrics from “Dumb Girl” by LAYNE

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