Leah Blevins — “First Time Feeling”: Local Artist of the Week


Leah Blevins should ring a bell for most Lightning 100 listeners. She’s played our Nashville Sunday Night three different times, and we have featured her on the station throughout the years with her songs “Walk Home” and “God, Help Me.” This week, Blevins returns as our Local Artist of the Week with her upcoming single “First Time Feeling.” 

Listeners heard the song’s premiere and an exclusive interview with Blevins on the615 show with Casey. There, Blevins described the song as an attachment to her life experiences. “It’s an embellishment,” she said. “An embellishment of being in a relationship and wondering ‘Do you see me? Are we still in this? Are we still invested?'”

With vocals and lyrics that bring to mind legends like Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks, Blevins is the perfect blend of that blues-inspired, country sound. Her childhood in the hills of Sandy Hook, Kentucky helps her craft a feeling of authenticity in her music — especially so in “First Time Feeling” with its yearning vocals and clever, descriptive lyrics. 

Blevins told Casey that this song found its roots back in 2012. Now that she’s releasing it almost 10 years later, her relationship with the song has changed. “As human beings, our lifetime is so short,” she said. “It’s like we have these milestones that we can attach a feeling or smell or song to. This song holds a different place in my heart as far as meaning. At that time I was 21, and to paint a picture, I’m 31 now. It’s a whole different spiel.”

We’ll be spinning “First Time Feeling” this week as we feature Leah Blevins as our Local Artist of the Week. The song’s official release will be this Friday, June 4th. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at lightning100.com