Liz Cooper – “Motorcycle”: DJ Pick of the Week


Tune your speakers into Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week! “Motorcycle” by Liz Cooper has all the attitude and funk you could wish for. With a key interlude here or there, “Motorcycle” keeps you engaged throughout the whole song.

You can find “Motorcycle” on Cooper’s newest album Hot Sass, and you can count on this album living up to it’s name. A Baltimore native, Cooper recently relocated from Nashville to Brooklyn. Cooper’s aim for her new music is to reflect the shift in her personal life and her self-actualization, according to a recent article from American Songwriter.

The cumulation of “Motorcycle” alongside the 11 other tracks on Hot Sass result in a narrative of moments from Cooper’s late 20s, capturing both the pleasing and the not-so-pleasing memories. In American Songwriter, Cooper states, “I am a transient person, so I feel like every opportunity to move to a new place and throw myself into something is always very attractive to me… I’d been in Nashville for a long time, and needed a change for a lot of reasons.”

With contradicting perceptions of people embedded throughout the lyrics. “Motorcycle” will leave you feeling rebellious, either in sync with the rest society or totally against it. Wherever you stand, Stephanie’s DJ pick is just what you need to tie your playlists together. Check it out below and see for yourself!

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