Louyah – “I Used To Care”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Talented and versatile, Louyah tells it to us straight on his track “I Used To Care” from his 2021 album 6FEET. Born and raised in Staten Island, this singer-songwriter and producer mixes R&B sounds with pop and rock elements. Louyah uses past experiences to appeal to listeners with his genuine and all-around happy demeanor. “I Used To Care” is this week’s ONErpm hitmaker!

Louis Attillio Vigorito, known as Louyah, began his career in music as vocalist and guitarist for metal bands Premonition and Idle Minds. After spending six years with the band, he went on to pursue his solo career. Since then, the 25-year-old has joined forces with independent record label Loud Era Records. During his time at Loud Era Records, Loyah has recorded multiple singles and two albums within the past two years. “I Used To Care” now appears on multiple Spotify-made playlists, such as Chill Pop and Fresh & Chill.

Louyah is gaining lots of buzz from a viral Tik Tok video where his friends surprise him by playing “I Used To Care” on the radio. The video has accumulated more than 6.3 million views and has warmed the hearts of many, including our own. The song was written as a response to the emotions that Louyah was feeling from a recent breakup. The chorus reads “I never thought it’d need to be so hard to say I love you. Now you’re gone, my heart, forever calls.” Through hearing these lyrics, it is hard not to sympathize with feelings of a lost love.

All in all, Louyah uses his voice and lo-fi pop sound to tell his stories about life and love. Watch below to see Louyah’s live performance of “I Used To Care” and feel his raw emotion through each note.

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