Mandatory Leisure Group – “Blue Jeans”: DJ Pick of the Week


Mandatory Leisure Group, a local Nashville collaboration, makes their single release debut with “Blue Jeans.” A jazz infused rhythmic masterpiece, “Blue Jeans” is the finished product from singer-songwriters Mel Hemling, Nate Horne, and their respected friends. The group released the single on July 23rd and is ready to for the world to hear it. Featured on Lightning’s the615 earlier this month, “Blue Jeans” is Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week!

There is a special, uniqueness to the song with its slow piano playing mixed with complimenting horns. The ensemble resembles that of Norah Jones and Faye Webster, with its slow lead in, and then building with jazz instruments. Spending two years of writing and practicing, Hemling and Horne brought listeners this smooth, silky melody. Mike Eiler engineered, as well as mixed the song, with the help of Nate McGowan. McGowan played bass, while Tristan Ferner played keys, Benn Reiff was on drums, and Davis Ginn was played horns. A collective effort, the group perfectly masters a song about love and change.

Check out “Blue Jeans” below!

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