Moby – “Natural Blues”: DJ Pick of the Week


This 2021, globally recognized electronic musician, Moby, released Reprise. This album features many of his most acclaimed compositions reimagined. Originally from his 1999 album Play, one of those reprisals, “Natural Blues“, is Rev‘s DJ pick of the week.

What made the original version so memorable were the sample vocals from “Trouble So Hard” by folk singer Vera Hall. The melody is echoed once again by two contemporary artists whose vocals embody the essence of soul music. The reimagined version of “Natural Blues” features Gregory Porter and Amythyst Kiah. In a press release Moby gives his thoughts:

“I’ve had songs that are very despairing, and some that are celebratory, but more often than not I guess my music lives in a bittersweet in-between. Gregory Porter and Amythyst Kiah’s performances bring a new sense of yearning to the song that encompasses both light and dark tones. Their thoughtful interpretations bring out deep nuances to the track only they could uniquely offer.”

Since their 1989 debut, Moby has also had the opportunity to work with many great musicians. One of his closest friends and inspirations was none other than David Bowie. Moby took a chance by including a cover of “Heroes” in Reprise in honor of him. Kris Kristofferson’s deep rusty vocals are included on the reprised version of “The Lonely Nights”. Including haunting vocals and instrumentals, his Reprise reimaginings add new depth to past compositions. With creativity being so in tune with his soul, we can only look forward to see what Moby does next. Check out “Natural Blues” below:

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