Noah Kahan – Part of Me: DJ Pick of the Week


A song about loss and acceptance, “Part of Me”, by Noah Kahan, is a nostalgic ode to post-break-up feelings. The track is off of his upcoming sophomore album I Was/I Am, coming out soon on July 17th. Noah Kahan’s fans, commonly known as busyheads, can expect a more raw and upbeat sound on his new album. We are amped that Rev chose “Part of Me” as his DJ Pick of the Week!

Hailing from Stafford, Vermont, Noah Kahan is a veteran performer, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2018 and selling out tours all over the country. Musically inspired by Counting Crows and Paul Simon, Kahan’s sound is a combination of folk-pop medleys and intricate hooks. He states that I Was/I Am is an internal look into how his past experiences have shaped his present artistry.

“While writing this record, I’ve taken stock of who I am as compared to who I was when I started and what that means, for better or worse. I do have some perspective. I’ve also lost a lot. I’ve lost people close to me for different reasons…Those experiences haven’t necessarily hardened me, but they’ve made me incredibly grateful for what I have now,” states Kahan. Overall, his new sound is a representation of the changes in his life and how he has come to understand them.

“Part of Me” delves into the reality that we don’t always miss people, but the feelings associated with them. The end of the chorus, “I got so close to love with you, my dear. But I don’t miss you, I miss the way you made me feel,” puts these feelings into words. We see how Kahan is coming to terms with loss and accepting the theme of change.

The video for “Part of Me” reveals Noah Kahan’s vulnerability, with intimate settings and dimmed lights. Watch below!

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