Pete Yorn – “Elizabeth Taylor”: DJ Pick of the Week


20 years after the release of his debut album musicforthemorningafter, Pete Yorn announces his latest album with single “Elizabeth Taylor”.  The single is the first off his latest album Hawaii and is the perfect indie hit to play on repeat this fall. As an artist that’s no stranger to Lightning 100, Pete Yorn’s “Elizabeth Taylor” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week.

Considered one of his generation’s best songwriters, Yorn proves his capabilities once again with “Elizabeth Taylor.” It’s proof of how an artist perfects their style and songwriting over the span of their career, creating music that encapsulates them perfectly. Fans of Yorn look forward to new music, claiming that the “king of Indie-Alternative Folk” has returned. With the 20th anniversary of his debut album, it’s fitting that Yorn has chosen now to preview his ninth album.

Last week, Yorn uploaded a short video to Twitter detailing the release of the single. While there isn’t a set date yet for Hawaii, Yorn did explain that it will be out sometime next year. “Elizabeth Taylor” is the perfect sneak peek into the album and gets fans excited for more singles to be released. Check out more details directly from Yorn in the video below.

Yorn has yet to announce a tour for the new album, but there is an opportunity for fans to purchase signed merchandise. Fans can buy rare merch such as signed vinyl, lyric sheets, custom videos and more. It’s a great opportunity for fans to feel close to their favorite artist, even during a global pandemic.

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