Pinegrove – “Alaska”: DJ Pick of the Week


Indie-rock group Pinegrove has announced their newest album, 11:11, with their latest hit single, “Alaska”. The band, who’s aesthetic is made up of primary colors and the classic ampersand, has spent the last year releasing new content. First with album Marigold, then an entire concert movie, and now with this single. “Alaska” is just a sneak peek into the genius that is Pinegrove, which is why it’s Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week.

Pinegrove has perfectly fused together alternative and folk music to create some really magical songs. “Alaska” still follows that same outline, but it’s definitely a bit more upbeat than what we’re used to hearing. Usually, the band lets notes of folk and country influence their music, but “Alaska” proves they still know how to rock. It’s fresh, and with this being their fifth album, it’s nice to hear something new from them. In an interview with The Line of Best Fit, front man Evan Stephens Hall touches on their new music.

“Every album that I have composed has served as a response to the previous album. We’ve tried new things on this one… But it continues to sound like Pinegrove.”

Pinegrove, The Line of Best Fit

With last year being incredibly difficult for artists, Hall used that time to create songs like “Alaska”. Nobody knew when touring artists would be able to start their careers again, so he was inspired to create music that expressed their feelings. Pinegrove’s music has always been deeply rooted in emotion, so this is something they’re familiar with. With “Alaska,” we get a look into what those feelings may be.

Now that live music has started back up again, Pinegrove plans to hit the road in honor of 11:11. The album is out January 28th, 2022, with tour following shortly after. Until then, you can check out the lyric video for “Alaska” below:

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