Serena Ryder — Better Now: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Canadian singer/songwriter, Serena Ryder for her song “Better Now”. The single digests Ryder’s mental wellness journey after such a difficult year. “Better Now” was released prior to her most recent album, The Art of Falling Apart, which was released on March 12th. 

“I used to believe the road to health was an all or nothing road,” Ryder explains. “Now I know it’s the little choices, the small steps, breaths, that lead to the big healing. The song is about how I decided to live a sober life and sit with my pain when it comes, rather than swallow it or push it down. I have found so much transformation through sitting in the uncomfortable moments, rather than running away. I love myself better now, and because of that, I love the people in my life better now.” 

When listening to “Better Now” you can hear Ryder’s beautiful raw vocals full of passion and emotion. Throughout the song the instrumentation grows stronger as she lyrically surpasses her personal tribulations. Everything about this single perfectly represents Ryder’s ability to make peace with herself and find the ability to love herself and others. Check it out below! 

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