Shovels & Rope – In My Room: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Shovels & Rope for their cover of the Beach Boys’, “In My Room.” The American folk duo from Charleston, South Carolina consists of husband and wife, Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent. This cover is featured on the duo’s fourth album Busted Jukebox, Volume 3, which was released in early February. Member of Shovels & Rope teamed up with singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten for this fantastic rendition of the Beach Boys’ classic.  

According to a recent press release, the covers and lullabies featured on Shovels & Rope’s new album were created with children in mind. Because of this, the duo has nicknamed the album Busted Juicebox. Van Etten explained, “As a mom, there are ‘go-to’ songs that help calm my son down and there are nights where I just sing the same song over and over. This is a song that is so personal to me, as we have listened to a lot of the Beach Boys music with our child and to share a sentiment of calm and to share a sentiment of calm and exhaustion, sleep and frustration—this cover embodies it all.”

This rendition of “In My Room” pays great tribute to the Beach Boys’ classic. All of the vocals featured in the song blend together beautifully and the instrumentation has a great upbeat folk/rock feel. Give it a listen below! 

“Do my dreaming and my scheming

Lie awake and pray?

Do my crying and sighing

Laugh at yesterday?”

Lyrics from “In My Room” by Shovels & Rope

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