Snail Mail – “Valentine”: DJ Pick of the Week


Snail Mail’s explosive new single “Valentine” gives fans a look into a new, more mature sound from Lindsey Jordan off her sophomore album. The track transitions back and forth from a slow pop song to powerful alternative sounds with incredibly meaningful lyrics. The single, which showcases feelings of a relationship losing steam, is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week.

“Valentine” follows themes from her first album of the experiences one goes through at a young age. Not only unhealthy relationships, but also just figuring out life. Still, Jordan continues to express these feelings in her upcoming album.

In her newest record, Jordan spotlights her time spent in rehab. While she doesn’t go into specific details, she felt it was important to express that time through her music. She also spent that time reflecting on herself and how certain events evoke these deep emotions. In an interview with Pitchfork, she explained how she has focused on these feelings and used that in her latest songs.

On this record and in my past music, there’s the element of I’m gonna die if this person goes out of my life. Only later have I come to realize that it doesn’t need to be so life-or-death to be beautiful and evoke strong emotions.

Snail Mail, Pitchfork

“Valentine” is followed up with a gory and theatrical music video. Jordan is depicted in a Victorian era affair with a highly important woman that must be kept a secret. Later in the video, the secrets get to Jordan’s character after she sees her lover with a man and the affair ends in a bloody demise. Check out the video below:

Finally, the sophomore album by the same name is out November 5th on Matador Records. In the meantime, listeners can stream “Valentine” while they wait for the release of her upcoming album.

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