Strung Like a Horse -“Crazy Like Me”: DJ Pick of the Week

Strung Like a Horse

Strung Like a Horse certainly sets the bar high with their first official music video illustrating “Crazy Like Me” from their debut studio album, WHOA!. Just this month the record debuted at #2 on the Amazon Alt-Country/Americana chart, #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums chart, #4 on the Alt-Country Specialty radio chart. And finally, “Crazy Like Me” is now here for this weeks’ lightning100 DJ pick!

Apart from proudly representing Chattanooga TN, Strung Like a Horse comprises the faces of Clay Masselle, Eric “Crispy” Crisp, Dan “Danimal” Pinson and Tyler Martelli. “Crazy Like Me” emits a quirky country charm with light strings, soft rock elements. And a healthy dose of a modern soul sound blended throughout. In an interview with NoDepression Frontman Clay Masselle explains the inspiration behind the honest lyrics of the song.”She wanted him to be someone that he wasn’t, and he wasn’t going to change.”. The song accordingly describes a former band member’s struggles maintaining relationships on the road.

The music video opens quickly to a scene in which the lead singer is shackled in the back of an old green pickup. While at the same time an attractive nurse is driving behind the wheel. The story encapsulates the unconventional aesthetic of Strung Like a Horse, which is an aspect that has endeared the band quickly to many of their fans.

Strung Like a Horse was the inspired name after the group came together to form a string jam band. Consequently, this genre regularly used bows stretched with horsehairs to play their instruments. Resulting in, the inspired band name. The group has certainly learned the art of momentum, they now tour year round. Racking up performances of nearly 100 shows/year including Bonnaroo. The group didn’t stop there, additionally earning the title of ‘Best Band Name’. Strung Like a Horse is certainly gearing up for an astounding musical career. Most importantly, with releases like “Crazy Like Me”, we can continue to expect big things!

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