Sunflower Bean – “Baby Don’t Cry”: DJ Pick of the Week

Sunflower Bean Press Photo

New York trio Sunflower Bean made an astounding come back after two years with their latest single, “Baby Don’t Cry”. The song highlights the feelings and trauma everyone faced last year, turning it into something beautiful that should be appreciated. As a favorite here at Lightning 100, Sunflower Bean takes the spot as Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week.

Forming in 2013, Sunflower Bean has since released two full length albums and three EP’s. “Baby Don’t Cry” is preceded by last year’s single “Moments In The Sun” and has fans hopeful for more new music. As Fall turns into Winter, “Baby Don’t Cry” is the perfect song to complete the season.

After 2020, the trio wanted to create something that recounted the way last year changed many of us. The way we viewed media and news completely changed considering we were cut off from the outside world. Guitarist Nick Kivlen explained to NME what inspired “Baby Don’t Cry.”

“Instead of being out in the real world living your life, you were just looking at this screen that was constantly trying to manipulate your emotions and make you have this whole range of life just sitting at home and being completely disconnected from actually doing anything. It was hard to grasp onto anything real because even going to the grocery store was this traumatic experience that had to be rushed through and every person you saw was a possible threat.”

Sunflower Bean, NME

These feelings were common amongst many, but it inspired the band to focus on the little things. For example, things that took their mind away from reality, even if it was just for a second. It’s a song about looking forward to the future and appreciating the feelings you have, even if they’re sad.

While Sunflower Bean hasn’t announced a new album yet, they do plan to go on tour. Starting next month and into the new year, the group heads into their long-awaited tour. Lucky for us, the group will be making a stop right here in Music City in March with a show presented by Lightning 100! Until then, you can check out “Baby Don’t Cry” and the official visualizer below:

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