The Brazen Youth – “Hometown”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Nike Lussier and Charlie Dahlke were young middle school friends out of Lyme, Connecticut when they formed The Brazen Youth. With the later addition of Micah Rubin, the indie trio was complete. The ONErpm Hitmaker of this week is their latest single, “Hometown.”

Away from the alluring city lights that draw many artists, The Brazen Youth opted for a more humble environment. Located off the beaten path lies the farm they call home, where they produce and write all their music. Their unique choice to rewrite a traditional method of becoming artists lends to their creativity when producing authentic folk. 

Found in The Brazen Youth’s music, memories of their childhood home and small-town remain sacred to the band. This loyalty to their roots and to those memories inspired their single “Hometown”. It is a vulnerable song about growth and change following a tragedy. The rural setting of the “Hometown” music video is an insight into their unique narrative and story. Shot like an old home video, the three friends film themselves running around the place they call home. For listeners who remember camcorders and VHS tapes, “Hometown” intentionally embraces nostalgia.

The Brazen Youth has released 2 albums and several singles since their debut. The lull of their acoustics and vocals make their music an easy-listen. The soft opening of “Hometown” with the harmonizing vocals is similar to fellow folk artists Radical Face and Blind Pilot. Despite only being in their 20s, The Brazen Youth has developed their unique sound and identity as a band. While they are not afraid to branch out and have diversified their music, the atmospheric mood and folk storytelling are distinctively their own. Check out the “Hometown” music video below: