The Cancellations — Waiting for a UFO: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to The Cancellations for their new track, “Waiting for a UFO”. This is one of the songs off of the band’ recent album, Fist Fight. Formed by Elijah Jones, The Cancellations are a newly formed local band that has been releasing music since October of last year. The band consists of Elijah Jones, Erik Matthijs, Jared Wuestenberg, Nicholas Ferrell, and Ethan Hall.

Back in 2014 lead singer, Jones, moved from Atlanta to Nashville. During this time, he took a lot of time to write meaningful music that reflected on his life thus far. Not long after, Jones formed a band called Elijah Jones & The Tenderness with guitarist Matthijs. The band was focused on creating a stripped-down 60’s style of rock. After disbanding, Jones and Matthijs came together with the help of a few Nashville friends to form The Cancellations. 

The Cancellations are focused on creating music that tells stories of heartbreak, substance-abuse and self-discovery. The song we’re spotlighting today has a heavy pop-rock feel and features grungy guitars and thick vocals. “Waiting for a UFO” was released this past February and we can’t stop listening! Check it out below! 

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