The Connells – “Really Great”: DJ Pick of the Week


20 years since their last release, Lightning is excited to bring The Connells back to your playlist! The 80s band’s newest singles includes two songs in preparation for their upcoming September album Steadman’s Wake. “Really Great” is DJ Rev’s pick for the week.

“Really Great” is filled with high energy and revives the great 1980s rock. Co-founder Mike Connell describes the lyrics as a “facetious and tongue-in-cheek” song. With the pandemic and political unrest, “Really Great” is his take on the current state of the world. Later in the song, Connell chooses to contrast this grim reality with hope and appreciation for what is good.

“the prevailing mood or spirit of the song shifts when the singer begins to focus on the more personal and particular – going to see a friend, taking in the beauty of blue skies on a sunny day, some old favorite song rattling around in his head.”

-Mike Connell

This North Carolina band originated in 1984 with brothers Mike (guitar) and David Cornell (bass). Doug MacMillian (vocals) has been with the band since the beginning and Steve Potak (keys) joined in the 90s. During that time, The Connells resonated with their European audience, seeing great success with the Celtic-inspired song “’74’-75′”. The indie rock band has seen many great members come and go. The latest additions include Mike Ayers (guitar) and Rob Ladd (drums). Despite their long producing hiatus since 2001, the band is ready to begin touring again. Next Tuesday, The Connells will be playing at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. Check out “Really Great” below:

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