The Foxies – “Little Monsters”: DJ Pick of the Week


Goth pop enthusiasts The Foxies live up to their genre with their latest single “Little Monsters.” The single embodies everything the trio is looking for in their sound as they fuse disco with rock. The Nashville group’s latest single stands out from the rest and is Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week.

“Little Monsters” is a single that was born during quarantine. As we’ve started to see, many artists used that time to create some of their best work, The Foxies included. After the song’s release, the group noted on social media that the single is about intrusive thoughts. The lyrics “Put it away or you’re gonna get hurt. Wipe it down or you’re gonna get hurt” touch on what intrusive thoughts can look like and how detrimental they can be. Just like the title of the song says, it’s like a monster in your head that just won’t go away.

Undoubtedly, The Foxies are no stranger to discussing mental health and social issues through their music. Their previous music focused on topics that they have personally dealt with and the battles they have faced internally. “Little Monsters” is another nod to one of the many struggles people have, almost giving it a sense of normalcy. They are letting listeners know that they are not outcasts for having these struggles.

With another genre-bending single, The Foxies prove again that their sound is something special. The band embraces their electronic pop sound, but their roots are with rock music. Drummer Rob Bodley mentions on their website that rock isn’t a sound, it’s a mindset.

Rock’s about stepping out. It’s not Metallica or AC/DC or this guitar-driven thing. It was a movement of attitude and personality.

The Foxies

As a result of this mindset, this is where their “goth pop” title comes from. “Little Monsters” is another example of how their sound perfectly reflects what The Foxies are all about.

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