The Main Squeeze – “Sunday Morning”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


“Sunday Morning” is the first single released from Indiana locals The Main Squeeze off of their newest album. The Main Squeeze formed at Indiana University in 2010, and have since released four albums, with a fifth in progress. The American funk band truly embraces the genre with this new single and gets fans excited for what’s to come.

What’s truly astounding about this release is how high it sets the bar for this rest of the album. It’s such a fresh and groovy sound, and shows how hard The Main Squeeze has been working on these releases. On social media, the band explains how they collaborated with each other to produce the songs.

Last August we rented a house in the desert of Tehachapi, CA, hauled in our studio gear, and over the course of the next eight days wrote and recorded a brand new Squeeze album.

The Main Squeeze, YouTube

The Main Squeeze hits the ground running with this single and have really embraced their name as a funk band. In a video posted on their YouTube, the band displays how they worked together to create the album in such a short time. It really shows how the band, comprised of six members, can work together to create an album that encompasses who they are as a group. It’s the perfect showcase of what the band is capable of.

While the album doesn’t have a release date just yet, fans should look forward to more singles being released soon. If it’s anything like “Sunday Morning,” then listeners are in for a real treat. You can check out the behind the scenes look at the making of the song below:

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