The Saint Johns – Outside Looking In: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to The Saint Johns for their newest single “Outside Looking In”. Consisting of Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith, The Saint Johns have been creating americana/folk-pop music as of 2008. The Nashville-based duo just released this beautiful song last week on February 5th.  

The Saint Johns began making music together after meeting at a party and playing their favorite covers all night long. They relocated to New York City for a few years to further their career before settling down in Nashville. Since, they have released an EP called “Open Water” and a full album titled “Dead Of Night”. With over 39,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, The Saint Johns have appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and have landed a record deal with Sony imprint Kemosabe Records. 

The single we’re spotlighting, “Outside Looking In”, is a folk-pop track with beautiful melodies and soothing harmonies. The song is about reflecting on life as if you were watching it from the outside, wondering where the time went and if you’ve been making the right choices or not. Check it out below! 

“I’m on the outside looking in

All of the faces I could’ve been

I’m losing my mind a little each time

Oh, Here we go again

I’m on the outside looking in”

Lyrics from “Outside Looking In” by The Saint Johns.

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