The Wild Feathers — “Ain’t Looking”: DJ Pick of the Week


After three years, local country-rockers The Wild Feathers returned with a gritty, infectious anti-lovesong in “Ain’t Looking.” With images of road-trips in “rusted out cars” and kicking screens off of doors, the song describes the jaded philosophy that comes after a failed relationship. “Ain’t Looking” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The song comes out ahead of the band’s new album Alvarado, out October 8th. “We’ve never been more proud of a collection of songs because it feels and sounds exactly how we wanted it to,” singer-guitarist Ricky Young told Rolling Stone. “No outside input or opinions, just the five of us in a room together.” 

Young continues to describe the song’s roots; “Ain’t Lookin’ is a perfect example of a song written around a guitar riff and groove that the band loved playing. We know that if we dig it, our fans more than likely will too.” The lead guitar making up the original foundation of the song makes a lot of sense when hearing the finished product. Paired with a catchy chorus, it makes the song great for the kind of road trip to nowhere that the second verse describes. 

You can check out the official audio video for the song below. Alternatively, if you’d like to hear it live, you can catch the band at Ascend Amphitheater on August 20th.

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