Tom Jones – No Hole In My Head: DJ Pick of the Week


On April 23rd, Tom Jones released his newest album Surrounded By Time via BMG. The Independent calls it “a triumph of hope and experience.” Ethan Johns and Mark Woodward did an incredible job co-producing the album. The track, “No Hole In My Head” is today’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

“No Hole In My Head” was originally written and performed by folk artist Malvina Reynolds. Tom reimagined the folk-blues track into an upbeat pop-rock song. He says “this song is powerful at any age. It’s about having confidence in who you are. Particularly during this time of a pervasive, boundless media that can wield so much influence, it’s more important than ever to know and be strong in your own self.” 

The accompanying music video to the single features an anonymous figure interrogating Tom. Throughout the video Tom’s character interchanges with multiple characters such as a teenage boy and a middle-aged woman. Check it out below! 

Click here if the video is not visible.

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