Tré Burt – “Sweet Misery”: DJ Pick of the Week


Tré Burt implores listeners to stay strong amid the feelings of sadness and misery in his new single “Sweet Misery.” Burt’s sophomore album You, Yeah, You is comprised of 12 songs and is set to release on August 27th. Burt’s narrative album features artists such as Phil Cook, Kelsey Waldon, and Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath. “Sweet Misery” is the first song on the record and is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Poetic and detailed, Tré Burt’s music not only tells stories, but gives voice to social justice initiatives. His 2020 single “Under the Devil’s Knee,” featuring Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell, and Sunny War, recounts the killing of George Floyd, while calling to action social justice reform. You, Yeah, You calls listeners to action, but in a different sense. It encourages people to stand up against uncertainty and feelings of doubt, to face what is plaguing them. “Sweet Misery” personifies the feeling “misery” in the lyrics, “it only goes to show, sweet misery, you can follow me down till the end of my path, but you still gotta get through me.”

Burt spoke on the single when he said, “there is something kinda beautiful about people who are experiencing tragedy in chorus.” We can all agree that this past year has had its share of hardships and moments of misery, but with Burt’s advice, we can rise above and overcome it all.

Tré Burt’s video for “Sweet Misery” visually depicts his lyrics through the view of an ice cream cone. Watch and enjoy below!

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