Twin Shadow – Get Closer: DJ Pick of the Week


Twin Shadow fills our ears with wonder in “Get Closer,” from his upcoming self-titled album Twin Shadow. George Lewis Jr., under the name Twin Shadow, experiments with sound and meaning in this fifth album. He reminds music lovers of the intricacies of different instruments through his chord change-ups and imaginative arrangements. “Get Closer” is Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The new record focuses on looking at situations from a non-traditional perspective. Twin Shadow explains that “the idea that there is maybe a state between people that could be wildly closer than what we traditionally know as ‘love’ is a very exciting and hopeful thing to me.” He goes on to talk about the meaning of his lyrics saying, “‘I’ve got so much to learn about you / I’ve got to study’ and ‘I know you’re crucified each day for living’ are lines that hopefully show a dedication to getting better and a will to understand the depths and the complexities of the other.” The song uses comparison and imagery to paint the picture of a complicated, yet hopeful and relatable story of love.

An innovative thinker and comical performer, Twin Shadow displays his creativity through many mediums. You can see his behind-the-scenes music video antics, as well as song writing tip videos on his Tik Tok page. All the more, his music video for “Get Closer” showcases his carefree attitude with pops of color and whimsical landscapes. Watch Twin Shadow’s video below and lookout for his new album release on July 9th!

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