Will Lynde – Fix: DJ Pick of the Week


Today’s DJ Pick of the Week goes to Will Lynde for his newest single, “Fix.” The Houston native has been playing the keys and writing songs for various artists since 2012 but has recently entered the music scene as a solo artist in 2020. Lynde’s latest song that we are spotlighting today was released on January 29th this year. The track was produced by Mitchell Furr, a close colleague that Lynde has been making music with since they met at Belmont 8 years ago. 

When describing the meaning of the song, Lynde said that “Fix” is about avoidance. “It’s all about the vices and distractions that we reach for when we’re depressed, instead of actually dealing with the underlying issues. That’s why the song feels dark, even though it also feels fun. The distractions can be fun, they can even trick you into thinking that you’re helping yourself, but they don’t actually get you to address the root of your problems. And there’s not really a happy ending to the song, but at least it’s something you can dance to” Lynde explained. 

Influenced by Dr. Dog’s song, “The Breeze”, Lynde’s single contains a winding chord progression and multiple layers of background vocals. The two songs don’t sound very similar, but each have deep lyrical meanings and were produced beautifully. Check out “Fix” below and stay tuned for more great music coming from Lynde soon! 

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