Bel — “Cake”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Bel Big City

You know the song that plays during that climatic moment in a coming-of-age movie, when the main character finally figures it all out? Do you add those songs to a giant playlist? Well, go ahead and add one more to it because “Cake” by Bel – this week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert – feels destined to be the main track in your new favorite indie blockbuster. 

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter released her debut EP “Muscle Memory” in 2021 and has released five singles since. 

The latest of these, “Cake,” stands strong on Spotify’s All New Indie playlist alongside the likes of Florence + The Machine, FINNEAS and Lizzy McAlpine. 

Bel infuses her indie, coastal sound with just enough country to appeal to every fanbase. She could play “Cake” at Coachella just as easily as she could play it at Stagecoach. Follow it up with her second-latest single “PBR” (feat. girlhouse) and you’ll have the start of a show-stopping setlist. 

The encore? Let’s go with “Big City.” 

“Big City,” Bel’s first song from her upcoming EP “Jet Lag” earned ONErpm Hitmaker Alert honors on March 19. The track pairs perfectly with “Cake” on your favorite playlists. 

And don’t be surprised if you recognize the song playing in the next big indie movie. Until that day comes, check out the brand new lyric video for “Cake” here:​​

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