Brendan Benson — “Ain’t No Good”: Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Today we are spinning “Ain’t No Good” by Brendan Benson as Casey’s DJ pick! Benson, cofounder of The Raconteurs, is a storied Nashville based artist, songwriter, producer, and all-around creative. He started releasing music on his own, before helping found The Raconteurs. The group has accumulated great success since the release of their 2006 album Broken Boy Soliders. Throughout the years, Benson has released 7 solo studio albums, one of which under fellow Raconteur Jack White’s Third Man Records.

Benson’s forthcoming album, Low Key, is set for release on December 2nd! “Aint No Good” is the lead single.

“I was rehearsing for South-By-Southwest and gearing up for a tour and had a band ready and then, of course, the world shut down,” he said in a recent interview. Benson went on to explain that everything changed for him when the world started to readjust to life at home. “I went to work on some songs so I’d have new material when things opened up.” That two years of isolation unexpectedly pushed Benson’s songwriting into new places, and Low Key is it’s product.

“Ain’t No Good” is the upbeat lead track that discusses a time of self-absorption. The song is one of self awareness and personal discoveries. It is a perfect product of its pandemic precedent. Benson sings that intrusive thoughts can seep their way into the everyday. However, its contradictory upbeat nature makes this a relateable fun track. It’s chorus will get stuck in your head and be with you the rest of the day.

Low Key will drop on December 2nd, but you can listen to “Ain’t No Good” by Brendan Benson below!

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