Brews Summer Style 2022: Ep. 10 – Luna Bay Booch Co. Lychee Lime Hard Kombucha

Luna Bay Hard Kombucha

Happy Friday and welcome to the finale of Brews Summer Style 2022! Today we are featuring the perfect drink to keep on hand for a day at the lake, the Luna Bay Booch Co. Lychee Lyme Hard Kombucha. This booch is made with Yerba Mate, lychee and lime. It’s a crisp, refreshing and low ABV option for a cooler filled with your favorite summer drinks.

Luna Bay is the first and only female founded and run hard kombucha company in the states. Born and based in Chicago, Luna Bay Kombucha is gluten-free and plant-based. Their products range from the Light Lychee Lime to the Watermelon Sea Salt hard kombucha.

The Lychee Lime is lower in alcohol but still packs a punch with its tart and juicy flavor. Check with your local beer retailers to see if they have Luna Bay Booch Co. stocked for the summer!

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Thanks for tuning in for the 2022 edition of Brews Summer Style, presented by Rhizome Productions, Lipman Brothers and all of us here at Lightning 100. Cheers!