Caleb Caudle – “I Don’t Fit In”: Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is Caleb Caudle! As a promotional single for his new album Forsythia, “I Don’t Fit In” teases a traditional country sound for the new record. Although Caudle has meandered from indie pop to western rock in the past, “I Don’t Fit In” sees Caudle decidedly joining the growing wave of alternative Americana. With a distinctly Appalachian tone including forlorn harmony, twangy acoustic guitar, and angular fiddle, Caudle steps firmly into traditional territory with this release.

Using the depressive, introspective twang of Appalachian folk music to strengthen his narrative, Caudle embarks upon a deep examination of his past, present, and future on “I Don’t Fit In.” Peering deeply into his habit of intellectual and physical wandering, Caudle identifies his desire not to be assimilated into social expectations as the source of his constant discomfort. With “Forsythia as potentially his final album,” Caudle acknowledges that, while his musical journey may soon draw to a close, this constant wandering will continue for the rest of his life. Listen to “I Don’t Fit In” below, and stay on the lookout for the October release of Forsythia!

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