Cayucas – “Topo Ride the Wave”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


Welcome to your weekend, music lovers. Allow us to introduce the latest ONErpm Hitmaker Alert, “Topo Ride the Wave” by the Santa Monica-based band Cayucas. The track feels free and breezy, like catching the perfect wave and then running over to join the party on the beach. It gives off endless summer vibes and would fit perfectly in an episode of “Outer Banks.”

Which makes sense – the band’s song “High School Lover” plays in the pilot of the Netflix series.

Cayucas – formerly Oregon Bike Trails – is made up of twin brothers Zach and Ben Yudin. Their shoreline sound is classic and fun. “Topo Ride the Wave” is the perfect summer track for driving down the California coast, from San Francisco to San Diego.

Cayucas released its fourth album “Blue Summer” in 2020. The bands songs have been featured in shows like Shameless, New Girl and Nancy Drew. The aforementioned track “High School Lover” has over 11 million streams on on Spotify.

The band has toured all over the world, and has made stops up and down the West Coast. In 2014, Cayucas played the Santa Monica Pier and in 2019, they played The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.

The band will make its way up north to play The Independent in San Francisco this July.

And until Cayucas makes its way back to Nashville, you can listen to the groovy, coastal calm of “Topo Ride the Wave.”

Check out the lyric video for the track here:

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