Dave Barnes — “You to Me”: Local Artist of the Week


As we head into the holiday season, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week Dave Barnes has the perfect song to get you in the Christmas spirit. With his original piece “You to Me,” Barnes brings the classic carol sound to a fresh set of ideas, skillfully crafting a holiday love song for the ages. A staccato piano punctuates the silky smooth vocal jazz facade, resulting in a sound that will work perfectly at the dinner table on Christmas Eve.

On the other hand, the lyrics tell a touching love story in which the narrator sees their lover reflected in every corner of the holiday world. From the joy that Santa Claus brings to children, to the wonderful sight of a white Christmas, the holiday itself takes on a romantic persona. Check out “You to Me” by Dave Barnes below, and make sure to grab tickets to A Very Dave Barnes Christmas at the Fisher Center this Saturday, where you can also participate in our holiday toy drive!

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