dba James – “About Us”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week

dba James

Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week is “About Us,” the new track from dba James! The track kicks off with eclectic electric guitar before James’ upbeat vocals kick in. The song feels like a time capsule – like James knew the world needed to be reminded of how fun an early 2000’s pop/punk hit can be.

He – without question – understood the assignment.

“About Us” comes from James’ latest EP, Check “Yes” to Connect, which launched on June 22. The track was recorded in April 2021. It’s the first song James wrote for Check “Yes,” he said on Instagram. It was released alongside songs “Hop In,” “Julio,” and “My Word.”

James is playing his first show on July 23 at the Mercury Lounge in New York City with Telescreens and SAVOIA.

You can check out “About Us” below:

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