Dekker — “I Only Hope to Feel Love”: DJ Pick of the Week


Steph’s DJ Pick of the week is “I Only Hope to Feel Love” by Dekker! The song was the last single released for Dekker’s second studio album I Won’t be Your Foe. Dekker, formally known as Brookln Dekker, is also part of the band Rue Royale. Both the band and Dekker’s solo work maintain a striking alternative/folk sound.

“I Only Hope to Feel Love” was written in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the struggles that arose from the hard times were contrasted with the song’s positive lyrics and themes. In a statement from Folk Radio UK, Dekker says “In a season when all that surrounded me was colorless, I only had hope.” The light guitar-driven melodies paired with the repeated line “I only hope to feel love” offer a rhythmically catchy tune!

Dekker is currently playing shows throughout the UK and Europe. Check out any announced tour dates or shows here, and listen to “I Only Hope to Feel Love” below!