Dodie — “Got Weird”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Got Weird” by Dodie! As the lead single off of her upcoming EP Hot Mess, “Got Weird” reveals a shift in sound for Dodie. The English singer-songwriter embarks upon a journey into the world of dark alternative electro-pop with this single, a far cry from their previous adventures in the lighter realm of indie folk and twee pop. With percussive lyrics, dramatic, swelling background vocals, and minimal yet groovy percussion, Dodie draws inspiration from the early work of Billie Eilish on this new track.

Lyrically, “Got Weird” tells the story of an awkward first date, a first date so humiliating that Dodie feels compelled to reevaluate their dating life. Struggling with self-confidence and self-acceptance, the internet-famous singer confronts her “internalized biphobia” and “lack of representation growing up” which results in their struggle to feel comfortable with dating women. Understandably, the resulting song curates a predominantly dark aura, yet the lyrics leave room for the listener to laugh with Dodie at her own awkwardness. Listen to “Got Weird” below, and check out Dodie’s new EP Hot Mess when it comes out on September 30th!

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