Ella’s House: Community Corner


This week, Elise Jenkins of Ella’s House joined us for Community Corner. Ella’s House is a non-religiously-affiliated charity to support women who become pregnant in college. From housing to daycare to community, Ella’s House helps pregnant and parenting college students meet a wide range of their needs either through in-house resources or connections with other local nonprofits. For instance, Ella’s House provides housing for students in this underserved category, available via a brief, casual online application and interview process.

Establishing itself as a judgement-free community space, Ella’s House arranges community events such as family dinners to allow pregnant and parenting students to network with each other and help each other through this difficult time. All the while, Ella’s House promises not to interfere with the decision-making of any potential parent. As an outsider to this issue, one could help through the donation of supplies or through a variety of volunteer positions, such as meal prep or tutoring. Listen to Elise Jenkins’ insightful interview below, and keep finding ways to get involved in your Nashville community!

To donate, volunteer, and learn more, visit https://ellashouse.org/ or call (615) 429-3293.